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Research Specialist III - Grikscheit Lab

Req # 31442 Job Location Los Angeles, California - US
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Ready to be part of the first and largest pediatric hospital in Southern California? This is Children's Hospital Los Angeles. A place where you can make a real difference in the lives of our patients and their families. A big responsibility? Absolutely. But if you’re up for the challenge, we’re on the lookout for amazing professionals to join our elite teams – talented individuals who can continue our high level of care.

The Grikscheit lab at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles seeks an experienced lab manager to work together with postdocs, PhDs, PhD students, surgical residents, and some medical students or research technicians on stem/progenitor cell therapies.  The lab seeks to understand the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms of intestinal and hepatic regeneration and to carry out some translational projects to treat babies with intestinal disorders or enteric neuropathies.

The successful candidate will oversee daily lab operations and compliance with all laboratory, institute, and government policies, including orientation and training of new personnel, handling laboratory functions, and resolution of operational problems as necessary. They will partner with the Principal Investigator and Grant Manager for management of laboratory budgets and fund accounts. Additionally, the successful candidate will help others in the lab to troubleshoot protocols for standard laboratory procedures including PCR, immunofluorescent staining, Western Blotting, quantification protocols, and iPSC/ES/primary cell culture systems.  Additional experience with in vivo mouse models will be useful.  We also seek a candidate who can create and revise documentation including components for manuscripts and grants.  The laboratory manager will also maintain lab equipment and be responsible for inventory and supplies within the lab.  Other duties may be assigned.

Basic Qualifications: Must have facility with the techniques above and enjoy troubleshooting protocols with trainees or other lab members.  The lab manager will be a central resource for the lab and must enjoy supporting those within the lab or with whom we collaborate.  We are also seeking proficient computer skills, a basic understanding of financial and accounting principles, and the ability to independently direct some technical projects.
Preferred Qualifications include experience with iPSC/ES and stem cells of the gastrointestinal tract, strong skills in the biomolecular techniques, and a track record of independent scientific writing.
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