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Work That Matters


At CHLA, our work is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Every position, whether you're a doctor or a nurse, or you work in IT or facilities or food service, has one task in common: Make sick children better. At some point in your day, you will do something that helps to sustain the health of child. At times the work may be challenging, but it is always rewarding. We hope you'll come and find out for yourself.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Work That Matters.

  • Work that Matters | LOVE IN THE CTICU

    Read about how CHLA was the spark to a wonderful romance for two nurses who put patients first!

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  • Work that Matters | DAGMAR GREFE

    Learn about Tea for the Soul, a therapeutic program for CHLA staff members!

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  • Work that Matters | MICHAEL MULICK

    Anesthesiologist Michael Mulick talks about how being a father of a patient has changed the way he connects with parents.

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  • Work that Matters | Amanda

    From Adult Care to Pediatrics: Read about Amanda’s Journey Through the Versant Transition RN Fellowship Program!

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  • Work that Matters | Suly

    Read about how Suly’s life experiences and support from CHLA helped her achieve her lifelong goal of becoming a pediatric nurse!

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  • RN Professional Ladder

    Learn about how you can find growth in your career as a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles!

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  • Work that Matters | Carolynn

    Read About How CHLA Nurse Carolynn’s Passion for Working with Children Led Her to a Fulfilling Career as a Pediatric Nurse.

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  • Work that Matters | Bethany

    Learn how Bethany’s Experiences and Support from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Eventually Led Her to Achieving Her Goal of Becoming a Pediatric Nurse!

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  • Work that Matters | Briana

    Learn How Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Can Facilitate a Smooth Transition from Adult Care to Pediatrics.

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  • Work that Matters | Kim

    Registered Nurse Kim Wheatley knows that each day is different at CHLA; and more importantly, every day is a great day.

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  • After 46 Years, Nurse Tommy Retires

    Beloved CHLA nurse Tommy Covington works his last shift after 46 years.

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  • CHLA's Level III NICCU Unit

    In CHLA’s NICCU, we specialize in treating our smallest patients. Find out more about what it’s like to work in our Level III NICCU.

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  • Nurse Appreciation Week at CHLA

    During Nurse Appreciation Week, sometimes the best way to thank our nurses is to hear it from the ones they impact the most.

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  • We Went First

    When there’s no standard, no example or no path drawn out for ourselves, we can wait our turn or we can go first.

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  • RN Residency Program at CHLA | Infographic

    Thinking about pursuing a career in pediatric nursing? Here’s your one-stop-shop on the RN Residency Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles!

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